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If I could interview Michael Phelps, here is what I would ask

Posted on Mar 20, 2023 by Paul White

Swimming is hard sport. Unlike most other sports where its all about hand eye coordination, or just raw power. There is a balance in swimming that makes it like no other sport. That and the training is both mentally and physically tough.  At times you might feel like you will never get faster, or faster than the other kids.  Its times like this when I really really wish I could ask questions to some of swimming's greatest to see what struggles they endured when they were growing up swimming.  Because the fact is the greatest swimmers are glorified in way that makes lesser swimmers feel like they never struggled, and bad personal best times every time they hit the water.  Here are some of the top questions I woud like to ask Michael Phelps.

  1. Did you ever hit a plateua in swimming, at what age and what did you do to over come it.
  2. How much did you eat as kid?
  3. When did you start lifting weights as part of your training, and what difference did it make?
  4. Did you ever wonder if you would have gotten the same if not better results if you switched teams and found a new coach?
  5. What reasons would you want your kids to get into swimming?
  6. What reasons would you want your kids to not get into swimming?
  7. What is the most underrated food for swimmers pre meet?
  8. Explain how ice baths help you recover?
  9. What vitamins or supplements did you ever take?
  10. How much water / hydration did you drink in a day?
  11. How much sleep did you get growing up?
  12. What meets did you shave down for?
  13. If your father had been a bigger part of your life do you think you would have been faster or slower?
  14. If you decided to swim in the 2028 Olympics, how much time would you need to prepare and get in shape?
  15. What do you realize now about swimming that you didn't during your career?
  16. Anything related to swimming you wish you could go back and do it over?
  17. Is there anything in the current sport of swimming you wish could change?
  18. Are there any rules ( stroke and turn ) that you think should be removed or added?
  19. Any tips for training for better underwater butterfly kick.
  20. What are your views on tech suits?  Should they bring back the circa 2000 full body tech suits?





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