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How to stop junk mail from credit card companies and banks

Posted on Aug 1, 2007 by Paul White

I find it funny how credit card companies think we Americans need multiple credit cards.  For years it seems that my wife and I hvae gotten credit card applicaitons mailed to us almost daily.  Then when we bought a house, we now get banks contacting us about refinancing our house.  We spend a good 10 minutes a day going through all the junk mail to determine what is legit, and what is just junk.  Alot of these companies almost seem to try make you think you are already a customer and need to buy additional service, or just renew.  To say the least our little $15 shredder from bestbuy 6 years ago has definately gotten its use.  Something many people don't realize is that the credit Bureaus give away your information to credit card companies and banks.  But now there is a way to get off this list. 

Just call 1-888-567-8688
An automated system will ask you a few questions, and will take you off the list for 5 years.
Only took me about 10 minutes to take both me and my wife off the list.  Even though some companies get their information from third parties, and or compile their own lists. This will stop them from accessing your credit information for the purpose of marketing.

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