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How to stop Real Player from downloading your videos with ASP.NET

Posted on Mar 11, 2008 by Paul White

Coming soon!!  Even though you can never block computer savy people from downloading your videos. The latest Real Player makes it so easy that even a computer handicaped person could download videos from your members sites.  After some hacking I figured out how to bock Real Player from stealing your videos.  All I am going to say is it involves an Http Handler, and an ISAPI entry to manage your .MPG extensions.  I should have a full write up on how to do this within a few days.

Update 9-23-2009
Sorry for not following up on this.  I had some other things come up,  But the theory behind it was to intercept all requests for MPG files from your sites using an Http Handler.  Then determine what the referrer was.  Something interesting is that Real Player does not give an referrer when attempting to download your videos.  This is also a technique that some use to detect bandwidth leeching ( when other sites pull data off your server for display on their sites ).  If I get some free time I will try to make a live example.  Hopefully this rough outline should help put some of you in the right direction
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