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How to find Ammo for Cheap

How to find Ammo for Cheap

Posted on Jul 25, 2015 by Paul White

A few years ago finding ammo was very difficult.  However now ammo is back in supply, though prices stilll tend to be a little on the high side.  Considering the majortiy of gun owners tend to be less than computer savy, brick and mortar stores are the first to be sold out.  However if you are not afraid of things like Self Check at the Grociery store, and know how to use google. Finding ammo for cheap is not hard.

Thankfully there are a few developers out there who are gun fans as well, and they have taken the initiative to force the market to compete.  One website in particular is a great way to find cheap ammo.  This website is gunbot.net

Find Cheap Ammo with GunBot.net

The website reminds me of Old School craigslist. No graphics, just plain text.  But it gets the job done, and even breaks down the cost by round, so you can find the cheapest ammo possible.  I recently used it to find a great deal on ammo.  I easily saved 40% from what I would have paid locally.  The best part is they have it catagorized by Ammo, Magazines, and Reloading Supplies.  Excellent for guys looking to stock up on primers.

I was even able to find 25 Auto at reasonable prices.  $13.95 / box of 50,  vs the $25 / box of 50 I would have had to pay at a local retailer.  I even found 9mm for under $10 / box of 50, and in brass too, not that dirty russian steel cased stuff.

Just to be clear I am getting absolutely no compensation for telling everyone about Gunbot.  Its just my way of helping out other shooters.  

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