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How to Stop Female Constipation

Posted on Mar 1, 2011 by Paul White

The other day a friend was nagging me about how I don't drink enough water.  Its normal for me to power through my day consuming Octane Energy Drinks, and coffee.  And stopping for occasional snacks ( crackers with peanut butter and honey ).  My body is the ultimate garbage disposal.  I can eat absolute crap and I still take 1-2 poops every day.  Forever my friend has assumed that this is just typical of being a guy, and that all women are doomed for a life of constipation and bloating.  Well I think I just found a break through. So if you are female and suffer from constipation this article might help you loose the bloated tummy and get back into your skinny jeans.

What is Dehydration?

First of all forget what you think you know about dehydration.  Most people think that if they are dehydrated they need to drink more water.  Well this depends, but usually this is just plain wrong.  Dehydration is not so much a lack of water, but more a imbalance of key electrolytes.  When I talk about Electrolytes the first thing many people think of is Gatorade ( because of their marketing ).  The problem is Gatorade only has a limted number of electrolytes. ( Sodium )

What are Electrolytes.

To be specific they are this
Main Electrolytes
  • Calcium
  • Chloride
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
Micro-Essential Electrolytes
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus

The misconceptions about Sodium

First of all Sodium has gotten a bad wrap.  Women seem to believe that if they eat any sodium ( salt ) they will bloat up in a puffy creature doomed to spend their life alone and in sweat pants.  Yes Sodium is bad, but only when you over consume it.  You need Sodium in your diet.  The worst thing you can do is stop eating foods with sodium, as this will quickly cause constipation.

Effects of too much Sodium

Your body is constantly trying to maintain an electrolyte balance in order for your own survival.  If you eat too much sodium, your body will cause you to get thirsty, making you want to drink water.  This water once in your body will dilute your body's sodium levels.  Your body will hold this water as it needs it to maintain a balance.  Naturally you will feel bloated because of the excess water your body is holding.

Effects of too little Sodium

However if you don't get enough sodium, your body's balance of electrolytes will get too low. In order for your body to get back into balance, it will remove water from your body( make you pee ).  The problem is if you remove water from your body, you might no longer have enough water for bodily functions like pooping.

Many women who are dieting, will cut back sodium, eat very little food and then drink a dozen bottles of water every day.  But without sodium your body can't store this water.  So instead your body will make you pee to remove it.  After a few days some of these women find themselves with an extended tummy, almost looking pregnant.  They haven't taken a decent poop in days. Maybe a few marble size turds, but that is it.  Naturally they will blame it on estrogen, or their monthly cycle.

10 years ago I worked as a bartender at a popular after-hours club in Omaha.  Being the music was trance, we had a number of people who would arrive at the club while on Ecstasy. This drug would get them high, but it would also cause them to get thirsty.  Even though it never happened at the club I worked,  there are instances of kids on ecstasy who drink too much water and die from dehydration.  How is this possible?  Easy if a person who has been dancing and sweating ( loosing sodium through their sweat ), decides to drink a gallon of water in 5 minutes, this will lower their electrolyte balance.  Unfortunately your body can't remove the excess water fast enough, and death can occur. 

Bodybuilders are well aware of dehydration.  Many times they are taking additional drugs to shed the excess water weight before competitions.  There is no problem with shedding water weight if you are able to maintain your electrolyte balance.  They will often supplement their diet with additional potassium in order to keep their
electrolyte balance in check. Else death can occur.

How to stop constipation in women

Track your sodium intake.  For a 2000 calorie diet, the average person needs 2400mg of sodium.  This is a lot.  To put this into perspective, a can of Coke only has 45mg of sodium.  Boxed Lipton Chicken Soup has about 500mg.  My friend raised her sodium intake and now her bloated tummy is going away.

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realta | May 16, 2011 6:44 PM
Interesting article Thank you...Now would you tell me what diet your wife uses please...I suffer low sodium and collapse a lot
Paul | May 17, 2011 12:24 PM
My wife doesn't really stick to any specific diet, but she does eat pretty clean.  Baked Chicken, Oatmeal, Eggs, Asparagus.  She drinks maybe 2-3 bottles of water / day, plus drinks 1 to 2 Octanes per day.  The Octane has made a huge impact on her constipation.  As its the only energy drink that has no artificial flavors, colors, and has no fillers.  Its 0 calories and includes more electrolytes than other other drink on the market.  Since starting on the Octane she has been pretty regular. Plus her hair and nails are growing faster and stronger from all the vitamins and minerals in the drink.

The guy who invented Octane trains a lot of fitness models.  His goal was to develop an energy drink that would give Models all the nutrition they need, keep them hydrated, and not cause them to get bloated.  This is very important for pre-contest dieting leading up to a fitness show and photo shoots. 

I highly recommend Octane.
You can learn more about it at
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