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Getting back into Flash with AS3

Posted on Jul 2, 2008 by Paul White

Its been a while since I have played around with flash.  I am finally getting around to building a new portfolio website for whitesites.com.  The current one gets the job done, but my potential clients aren't really given any taste of my flash skills.  Even though my current skill set could help build a very nice website, there are few things I specifically wanted to utilize in my new website.  The main one being the use of 3D.   Flash as a stand alone package does not support 3D.  If you want 3D you are left to program your own 3D engine using actionscript.  If you aren't a fan of Trig it could cause you some stress.  Thankfully there is an open source class called Sandy 3D, designed to run on Flash AS2 and AS3.  This gives developers a very easy way to integrating 3D into their Flash Apps.  Since AS3 is the latest and greatest to come out of Adobe, I will put my focus on catching up to learn it.  AS3 is a true Object Oriented Programming Language.  I am used to working with alot of C# in my asp.net Apps, so learning AS3 should be that bad.  But considering how intense it could be, I might actually buy a book on the subject.
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