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ABCPDF error Failed to configure IE 9 or above for the MSHtml engine

Posted on Jul 6, 2014 by Paul White

I recently built a new server, and have been slowly migrating all my sites from my old box to the new one.  Some of the sites were built using third party components to do things like generate PDF documents.  ABCPDF by websupergoo, was one of the components I was using.  Unfortunately Version 6 of the component, does not play nice with Windows Server 2012 R2.  So I was forced to upgrade to the latest Version 9.1.  After installing the component I still was getting an Exception Error.

Unable to render HTML. Failed to configure IE 9 or above for the MSHtml engine: Access denied while writing to the registry. For IIS applications, please enable "Load User Profile" or consult MSHtmlBootstrap in the documentation. Alternatively, you can configure this registry setting manually: 1. Create registry key "SoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMainFeatureControlFEATURE_IVIEWOBJECTDRAW_DMLT9_WITH_GDI" (which have to be under the Wow6432Node key if the running process is 32-bit on an x64 system; the current process is 64-bit). 2. In the created key, create a DWORD value named "w3wp.exe". 3. Set the DWORD's value to 1. 

So after some searching I found the solution.

Open up IIS

IIS 8.5 in Server 2012 R2

Select the list of Application Pools, and then click on the Application Pool that is running your Web Application, then click Advanced Settings on the Right.

IIS Application Poole Advanced Settings Server 2012 R2
By Default "Load User Profile" is set to false.  Set it to True, then click ok.

Now see if your scripts are running correctly.


If you need to good easy to use well documented component in ASP.NET to create, edit, modify, PDF documents.  ABCPDF by Websupergoo is great.  When I made the migration from ABDPDF version 6 to version 9, all I had to do was update the DLL files in my Bin folder, and update the line in my application from

<%@ Import Namespace="WebSupergoo.ABCpdf6" %>


<%@ Import Namespace="WebSupergoo.ABCpdf9" %>

 all my code from the older version worked the same in the newer version.  This is great as I really didn't want to have to recode my sites for a new component.

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ken | Dec 12, 2014 12:07 PM

Thanks for the post.  Was having this exact issue, and would have had a much harder time trying to resolve this without your solution.

Dave LaPorte | Jan 8, 2016 3:52 PM


     I found your blog posting when goolging the same problem that you describe above.  I am trying to move our sites from a Windows 2003 server to Windows 2012 R2.  I have the 64 bit version of ABCpdf v9.1 installed on the server and I'm using the 64 bit version of the dll in my asp.net web site.  I'm using .Net 4.5 Classic for the app pool and when I changed the Advanced stetting "Load User Profile" to true, there was no difference.  I still get the error.

Was there anything else that you had to do to get it working.  I'm wondering if I need the new ABCpdf v10 to fix this issue.  I emailed WebSuperGoo but knowing them I will get some blow off response email in like a month.





Paul | Jan 8, 2016 4:08 PM


I don't remember any other steps I took to get it working.  My App Pool is using .net v4.0 and the ABCPDF component is  However I am pretty sure I am using the 32bit version of the component and my app pool is set to "Enable 32-bit Applications" to true.  Hope this helps.  

Jens Frandsen | Aug 8, 2018 9:44 AM

For us, we had to add the registry setting in the error, but also in /software/windows6364/...

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