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3 Months with Verizon Wireless, Results

Posted on Oct 19, 2021 by Paul White

So its been just over 3 months since I switched from Google Fi to Verizon Wireless.  One this is clear.  There is a huge difference on Verizon.  My entire life I have assumed the spotty coverage, dropped calls, poor audio quality, and inconsistent speeds were just a fact of life with cell phones.  I didn't expect much more when I switched to Verizon, with the exception of a more expensive bill.

The Results

So yeah my family's cell phone bill has pretty much doubled.  But we also went from pay per GB for data which meant we were misers on data usage, to unlimited data with Verizon.  We even get up to 15 GB of HotSpot data at no additional charge.  So now instead of worrying how will hotspoting to my phone affect my bill I am able to freely surf without worry.  The biggest difference is my phone works everywhere.  At the Gym,  at the high school pools.  And the signal has been strong and reliable.  


If you are broke poor where pinching every penny is going to affect your ability to feed your family, stick with one of the pay as you go carriers like Google Fi.   But if you have the income and the price of dropped calls, unreliable data coverage is costing you productivity then just get with verizon.  Honestly its been one of the best business decisions I have ever made.  

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