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2008 Election in Review

Posted on Nov 7, 2008 by Paul White

As we all know Obama won the election.  He was probably the first politician in history to run a mostly positive campaign.  Even though he didn't get into the specifics on the issues, he stayed positive and hopeful the entire time.  Most politicans start off positive but after a while it becomes a dirty exchange of personal attacks.  Even though I didn't vote for Obama, I do like his style, and his positive message.  Plus by him getting elected it breaks the glass ceiling for other African Americans.  Obama is a great role model for any person.  The way he communicates, and carries himself is the leading reason he won the election. 

I know what alot of people are thinking.  Obama won because of the issues.  I don't believe that.  Obama won because he has more confidence than McCain. Plain and simple.  Most people don't know anything about either canidate's stance on the issues or the details on how they plan to handle the economy.  We might as off done this election via Text Messaging in an American Idol fashion.  The majority of people voted based on what propaganda the mass media fed them.  We like the way he looks, the way he talks, and most of all the way he doesn't trash talk others.  Any time a person starts to talk trash it is percieved as a sign of weakness.  McCain got weaker with time.

How the Republicans could have won.

The only two GOP canidates that could have taken on Obama were Huckabee, and Romney.  Huckabee would have drawn out the religious right wing, but his ideas on getting rid of the IRS and doing a national sales tax was a little for many to swallow ( even though it was the best tax plan ever ).  But considering that Romney is a a business man, he is the person we needed most.  The #1 issue was the economy.  No other person would have been better to take on this issue.  Romney was the kind of person that looks for solutions.  Unfortunately the moderators let McCain go on with his negative rants, and cut off Romney during what they called debates.  Everyone wanted to claim they were like Ronald Reagan.  It was very sad to see the GOPs best behave like this. Romney had all the confidence to beat Obama, and he would have never wanted the bail out.  Which is one issue that could have tilted the balance of power to the canidate who stood up against it.  Neither Obama or McCain took advantage of this.  Unless we were in the middle of a real war ( with nukes and all ), McCain didn't have a chance.  Bush owes his second term to 911. As the majority of people voted on fear.

How Obama can really change things

Even though he will probably not read this,  it doesn't hurt to put it out there.
1. Add a heavy tax to Tabacco products to help pay for all the cancer it causes.
2. Eliminate all Taxes except for a national Sales tax.  This is the only way you will ever get tax revenue from illegal immigrants.
3. Ditch NAFTA ( just sends our jobs to mexico )
4. Move our troups out of IRAQ.
5. End medicare for illegal Aliens.
6. Regulate the banking industry.
7. Reform education to teach kids what they need to know to survive instead of propaganda.
9. Legalize Gay Marriage ( at least in San Francisco )
10. Mandate that every new home built be able to generate its own electricity via Solar, Wind, or Geo Thermal.

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