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Moving from ATT to T-Mobile

May 17, 2010 by Paul White

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In the highly competitive world of wireless service anytime a customer moves from one carrier to another, people want to know why.  I have had a good run with AT&T, but the lure of faster devices, and a more stable network have finally driven me to switch.  In this article I will list in detail my experiences, and hopes.

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How to Increase Reception on Sony Xperia X1

How to Increase Reception on Sony Xperia X1

Dec 8, 2009 by Paul White

I was skeptical this would work, but so far it seems to have worked.  For anyone who is having problems with low bars or dropped calls with their Sony Xperia X1, X1a or X1i, this mod might help improve your signal quality.  I have included  instructions.

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Sony Xperia X1i gets H and not 3G on ATT

Jul 23, 2009 by Paul White

So I got my AT&T sim card today via FedEx.  Getting my Sony Xperia X1i online was not a smooth process. Today was a very dramatic day between failed activation and talking with multiple customer service reps.  To Say the least I released my aggression out on the last couple reps, only to find I have HSDPA which is better than 3G.  Feel kind of bad for the reps. but then again I don't

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Sony Xperia X1i hand polished chrome battery cover

Jul 22, 2009 by Paul White

Sony Xperia X1i ChromeI like to personalize my gadgets.  One of the nice things about the Sony Xperia X1 is the battery cover is not a cheap piece of plastic.  Its a made of metal, then brushed to give it texture, and painted ( silver or black ). But the paint is not the most scratch resistant stuff.  After a while your Battery cover will look beat up.  So I got out some sand paper, and some metal polish creme, to take my battery cover from dull black, to a near perfect mirrored chrome finish.  I have included before and after shots along with instructions for those who might want to try this on their phone.

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Upgrading to an Sony Xperia X1, Good bye Stone Age

Jul 15, 2009 by Paul White

Sony Xperia X1iSo I finally got tired of my old k800i, and have made the switch to a Sony Xperia X1i.  Should be here in a few days, as I just bought it off ebay yesterday.  I am very excited about this phone.  Some of you might be wondering why I went with the Sony Xperia, especially a used one.  Read on for more details

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