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Upgrading to an Sony Xperia X1, Good bye Stone Age

Posted on Jul 15, 2009 by Paul White

Sony Xperia X1iWhen the Sony Xperia first came out, I was impressed with the design and functionality.  Finally a phone that would do it all.  Unfortunately it had a rather high price tag $700+.  So after some waiting a few of them showed up on ebay.  I got mine for $425.  Unlocked, in mint condition. I know what alot of people are thinking.  Why the Xperia?  And why the X1i.  Isn't the X2 coming out in a few months?   I will attempt to explain my reasoning.

Tmobile G3 data

Currently I just use Tzones or what is now called Tmobile Internet for about $7 / month for unlimited mobile web.  The connections speeds average 5KB/s - 8KB/s  So its like a really fast dialup connection.  But considering how cheap it is, I can't complain.  This is the plan I was using with my Sony K800i.  It worked great, but with a more powerful device I will be upgrading to Tmobile's unlimited G3 data and texts for $34.99 / month.

Main Reasons I picked the Xperia X1i

VGA video at 30 FPS
3.2 MP camera with flash
800 x 480 resolution
3.5mm head phone jack
slide out qwerty keyboard
Terminal Services Client

Terminal Services Client on a Cell phone is priceless

When you run multiple Dedicated and VPS servers, having quick access to them in very important.  Often times I would be at the gym when my client would call to say the site is down.  Even though all it needs is the App Pool Recycled or in worst case situations a reboot.  But to do this I need remote desktop client.  Windows Mobile 6.1 comes with a terminal services client allowing me to run my servers directly off my cell phone. 

Battery Cover gets scratched easily

One of the biggest complains of Xperia users is sony choose a metal battery cover that is painted black or silver depending on the phone.  Unfortunately the paint comes off with abuse, leaving the phone looking very beat up.  However I have a plan for this.  I will remove the battery cover, and then use some metal polishing creme to remove the paint and buff it down to a flawless mirrored chrome finish.  I did this with my old 610a and it had a beautiful high gloss shine. 

Why not wait for the Xperia X2?

I have done the wait for a better device game for years.  Sure the X2 will be great, but I don't feel like waiting til fall to get one.  That and whenever Sony releases a new product on the market it usually is sold at a premium.  At $425 I feel the X1 is a great value.  Unlike the rest of world that runs out to get the latest Iphone.  I prefer to wait til the initial price premium wears off.

Priceless feature 3.5mm headphone jack

First let me say that its hard to find a phone that uses a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.  They all seem to use a 2.5mm and then force you to use an adapter.  In my experience the adapters have issues.  Its great to have a phone that I can use my favorite set of ear buds for playing music during gym time.

Once I get the phone and I get it cleaned up and customized I will post  some pictures for everyone to see.

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