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BMW Brings the Internet to your car

Feb 23, 2008 by Paul White

It seems that BMW has a new features available for its European Drivers called ConnectedDrive.  This will bring the internet directly into your car via your Cell phone's SIM card by the way of GSM EDGE data.  This might spell the end for XM and SIRI.

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Olive Oil key to long life

Feb 20, 2008 by Paul White

A women Israeli Arab Mariam Amash, is now claiming to be the oldest person in existance.  Claiming an age of 120 Years.  I read about this on a news story on MSNBC.com If she is really the world's oldest person, I would want to ask her how she did it.  Once thing she did mention was she drinks a glass of olive oil every day. Olive Oil which is thought to have health benefits from the Essential Oils, but also would have a extremely high amount of calories.  They say that Good fats don't matter, I guess maybe she could be living proof.  The next questions is which brand of Olive oil did she drink?  Was it organic, homemade, or regular?  I am sure there are some endorsement opportunites coming her way.  I have to say at 120 years old she looks better than most 80 year olds I have met.  she also maintains an ative lifestyle taking walks everyday. 

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Awesome Chinese Hunan Cuisine in Pearland Texas

Feb 19, 2008 by Paul White

If you want some excellent Chinese food in Pearland Texas with friendly service I highly recommend you checkout Pearl Dynasty. The food is excellent!

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How to find Slow MySQL queries and Optimize your Tables

Feb 12, 2008 by Paul White

After you see good growth in your site for months, suddenly things start to get slow.  If your site is driven by a MySQL database, this is most likely the problem.  Bandwidth, Transfer, or even your home internet connection is not the problem.  The problem is you have some slow queries driving your site.  When I say slow we are talking computer terms.  Slow could be a fast as 15 ms.  One slow query isn't the problem its when you get hundreds of slow queries  made by hundreds of users at the same time that it becomes a problem.  MySQL is very powerful but only if you create the right indexes.  I recently applied these techniques on one of my websites.  Here is the step by step guide ( by me ) on how to optimize your MySQL tables. If your ASP.NET site is dragging this can make it 10 times faster.

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Stop Spam in SmarterMail with RBL SBL and BL

Feb 8, 2008 by Paul White

Once you get a VPS box from HostMySite and you are running your own mail server, the first thing you will notice is how much spam is getting through.  This is because there are not advanced spam filters setup when Smartermail was installed on your VPS.  So its time to take things into your own hands.  Here is the list of RBL SBL BL servers I use to block 99% of all spam. It works so well I was able to cancel my account with postini.

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Sony PS3 cures Cancer

Feb 6, 2008 by Paul White

PS3 with pink ribbon
Aside from making a dent in the productivity of millions. The PS3 is now helping to do medical research. A program called Folding at Home distributed by Standford University is now on your PS3 after you do the lastest system update. I have left my PS3 on for several days now, to help do my part.
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Time for blog 2.0

Feb 2, 2008 by Paul White

The SEO world was rocked in January when google changed the way it runs SERPS. They are basically cracking down on how people load keywords into their titles, and pages to increase their rank. I was going to recode my blog engine anyway to make it more efficient. Thanks to google my blog 2.0 engine is now a priority on my todo list.
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2008 Florida Primary Analysis

Jan 29, 2008 by Paul White

I have taken notice of a few things leading up to the Florida Primary.
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What is the Fair Tax?

Jan 26, 2008 by Paul White

Huckabee brought up this issue in his campaign. After some further research, I found that it would be a national Sales Tax. The rate would be around 23%. I thought this out, and figured out the pros and cons.
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Cadillac has Lamborghini Design Skills

Jan 21, 2008 by Paul White

XLR cadillac concept
Found this picture browsing the internet. It looks more like a Lamborghini than a cadillac. Shows they have some very talented designers over at GM. Why this thing isn't making it to market I have no idea. Rumor says it is to be the replacement for the XLR. If the stats are correct, this will compete against the Ferrari, and Lamborghinis, but of course still won't touch the Venom.  It would be good if gm was to bring this into production.  The current XLR is a joke,  as its nothing more than a corvette with different body panels.
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