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Why myspace will fail

Posted on Oct 3, 2007 by Paul White

Many will say I am bold for making such a claim, but I have lots of logic to back it up.  Now when I say fail I don't mean they will go bankrupted.  They will simply fail to maintain their place as the leading Social Networking site.  The first to pass them will be facebook.  Here is the reason.  We live in a society of bling.  Its all about who has the nicest stuff.  As you go up the social economic ladder you will see the stuff people has costs more, and looks different, or better in my opinion.  A Ferrari looks better than a Corvette.  The Ferrari would be facebook and the corvette would be myspace.  Actually myspace would be a rusted out VW terrorist van with a thousand bumper stickers all over it, shag carpet interior, and some hippy driving.  Since myspace allows a world of chaos to exists on its site it allows those who are at the bottom of the foodchain to express themselves.  First lets take a look at the how each site stared


Started as a way for bands and music artitsts to make a webpage for themselves.  Slowly non-artists started to join and it just grew.  Then a few programmers figured out that by inserting HTML and CSS into the pages they could dramatically alter the look and feel of their pages.  From this point on started the chaos.


Started as simple site so that some Ivy League college kids could keep in touch.  Over time they expanded to other colleges and then allowed future college students to join as well.  Just recently non college kids were allowed on.  You can't hack their pages, and you are forced to use their simple clean design. 

Its easy to see the difference,  Facebook has a foundation of Rich Kids.  Myspace has a foundation of poor Musicians.  Now keep in mind that the current generation of 20 somethings was raised under a very materialistic lifestyle.  We had nintendos, cars, clothes, and we were constantly bombarded with images of bling from MTV and BET.  As a result we tend to crave an image of luxury. 

Similar to a fancy nightclub.  Facebook started off as a site that only allowed you to join if you were going to one of a few Ivy League Schools.  Everyone else got to stand outside the velvet rope, and wait for years before they might get a chance to join.  In the Nightclub Industry this usually only works for a few months, then you crowd starts to dwindle.  However with Facebook now opening its doors, they are drawing in everyone who wanted to join back in the day.  The result is they will spend more time on facebook, and myspace's pageviews will drop.  Even though myspace has more visitors, in the long term facebook will beat them.  Remember Companies like GM used to have a 60% market share.  and now they only have 24 percent, with Toyota beating them.  I predict within 2 years facebook will have more traffic than myspace. There is only so much money to go around the internet for Advertising.  Facebook because of its base will dominate in the future.  Sorry Tom.

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