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How to Repair a PS3 with blinking lights

Dec 19, 2011 by Paul White

Recently my PS3 stopped working.  After searching around, I found that the problem was due to bad solder connections between the GPU and the Board.  This would cause it to flash red and or yellow lights when you hit the power button.  It would not boot up.  Some people use a hair dryer to remelt their chips into the board, but this is only a temporary fix if you are lucky.  I wanted to fix it for good, so I sent my PS3 off to SpitFireMods for repair.  The purpose of this article is to share some experiences with other PS3 owners who are considering having their PS3 repaired. 

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Sony PS3 cures Cancer

Feb 6, 2008 by Paul White

PS3 with pink ribbon
Aside from making a dent in the productivity of millions. The PS3 is now helping to do medical research. A program called Folding at Home distributed by Standford University is now on your PS3 after you do the lastest system update. I have left my PS3 on for several days now, to help do my part.
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