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NoFollow SEO arms race

Posted on May 24, 2009 by Paul White

I have become very disturbed recently in seeing that many sites, especially big ones are voiding any kind of SEO value to external links. They add rel="nofollow" to every comment link and even their own content, to ensure that they hog all the page rank for themselves.  However I think google may have something up their sleeves.

We all know that google is pushing its new browser on people via the google homepage, and I suspect google is doing this for more than just offering a nice fast browser. 

In the background I believe that google is tracking what sites people visit and how they interact with pages.  They then take this information and use it to determine what sites are truely quality content.  In the past google used a combination of page content, keyword density, and links to figure out how to rank sites.  Well now that the larger players are nofollow marking their hyperlinks, they are not playing fair.  Hoping that google starts to recognize what sites have quality content with these stats and use them to rerank the web.  We have way to many sites ( major news outlets ), that have crap content, and yet they seem to rank high.  It would be nice to have some SEO justice.

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