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How much traffic can one server handle

How much traffic can one server handle

Feb 5, 2013 by Paul White

This has to be the most asked question by anyone who is thinking of either getting a dedicated server, or colocating their own box. Even though I can't give you an exact answer. I can shed some light on the variables that will affect what kind of load a single server can handle.
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Server Colocation and Cloud Hosting Houston and Dallas

Oct 4, 2011 by Paul White

If you need a datacenter to colocate your hardware, or if you need a really fast cloud, then I can't say enough good things about FastPCNetworks.  I have colocated my server with them for about 1 1/2 years.  The truth is you don't really know who you are hosting with until something goes wrong.  Its not how they treat you when everything is up and running. Its about how they treat you when things go down.  I have been with plenty of hosting companies.  Before I brought my server to FastPCNetworks, I had been on  Shared Hosting, VPS, dedicated, and cloud with some of the largest hosting companies in the world.  Eventually after dealing with terrible technical support, and some of the cheapest hardware, I decided that it was about time I build and colocate my own server.  At least that way when it goes down, I can fix it myself, instead of waiting for a ticket to make it to tech support days later.

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Internap Houston Data Center Colocation Review

Internap Houston Data Center Colocation Review

Apr 13, 2011 by Paul White

After being colocated at Internap's Houston Datacenter with FastPCNet for 6 months I feel I have enough experience to give an honest review of the two companies, and their customer support.  So if you have a server and are trying to find a good great The Best datacenter to colocate it, Call John with Fast PC Networks.  He will get you taken care of.

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How much traffic can a single server handle

Mar 22, 2011 by Paul White

This question is one of the most asked questions I hear from non IT people.  Of course there is no 100% answer to this.  But what we can do is go through all the different bottle necks in a server and its network, to figure out the theoretical maximum performance of a server.

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Bulk import IPs into your Windows Server 2008 R2 Firewall

Feb 4, 2011 by Paul White

If you are like me you take server security very seriously.  You lock down all your ports, and you even firewall IPs that try to use exploits.  But eventually you determine that non of your clients do business in China or Russia, and its easier to just block those countries, rather than trying to block individual IPs.  Well this brings another problem.  Windows Server 2008 R2 has no user friendly way to do a bulk import of IPs.  Luckily I found a VB script that you can run and it will automatically add the IP blocks you want to block.

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Website Security Tip remove catch all bindings

May 23, 2010 by Paul White

A few months ago I noticed that one of my clients websites seemed to be getting spikes of traffic.  However with spikes in traffic most clients would report an increase in sales or business.  When looking at the stats server, the requests were for pages and files that were not even on the server, and were for technologies ( PHP ) that I do not run on m box.  If you see requests for files like /prx2.php, /phpmyadmin/config/config.inc.php, /roundcubemail/readme, or /webmail/readme.  You might want to read this article.

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Godaddy Dedicated Server Performance VS Colocated Server Performance

Nov 15, 2009 by Paul White

If you are thinking about getting a dedicated server with Godaddy because of their cheap prices, I understand. But how far will their server really take you?  After dealing with performance issues with godaddy with another client, I build my own server and colocated it.  Then I did some benchmarks comparing the two.  Huge difference. Click read to see the bench marks.

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Must haves for running your Colocated Server

Oct 31, 2009 by Paul White

Getting your own server is not easy, nor is it cheap.  For anyone thinking about it.  Here are some things you will need to make it functional as part of a revenue generator by hosting your client's websites.

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Why you should buy a server and Colocate

Oct 26, 2009 by Paul White

For years I setup my clients with shared hosting account with either HostMySite ( Hosting.com ) or Godaddy.  I stayed clear of colocating for several reasons, cost, and what if it breaks.  Well I finally got the confidence to colocate my own rack server, and I will say its one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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Best server colocation in Houston

Oct 24, 2009 by Paul White

Today was proud day for me.  I colocated my first rack server in a datacenter.  The guys at the datacenter were very helpful. If anyone is needing to colocate a server in Houston I highly recommend Acronoc. 

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