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2008 Florida Primary Analysis

Posted on Jan 29, 2008 by Paul White

Something I have taken notice of during this campaign is even though each of the canidates have their own views on the issues.  The thing that seems the most apparent is the winning canidates act like winners, and the loosing canidates act like loosers long before polls or voting happends.  Americans seem to be voting more for personality and confidence than their stance on the issues.  Last night Bush gave his final speech to the nation.  His tone was one of confidence, and yet he sounded defiant.  Some would say he sounded slightly pissed off that many of the issues he wanted to address never made it through congress.  Regardless this is his last term, and he has nothing to loose.  Someone who has alot to loose is Obama.  Following Bush's speech Obama gave his own Analysis.  Obama should have kept his mouth shut.  The only people who like this are the far left and the far right.  Moderates don't want to hear a bunch of negative ranting.  Obama in my eyes messed up.  He ranted on about Bush, and didn't even try to point out one positive thing.  He is reminding me of Howard Dean back in the 2004 elections.  Dean started off popular, positive and had the youth vote.  Obama is going down the same road.  The fact that Clinton had a landslide victory in florida is not a surprise. 

McCain on the other hand was interesting. he won in Florida by a narrow Margin.  In his celebratory speech, he reached out to his opponents and said something positive about them.  He didn't try to kick them while they were down.  This is the kind of person people want to represent our country.  Someone who is positive and trys to stay away from the mud slinging.  As November gets closer, I think you will see the loosers start behaving like loosers ( going negative ) long before polls or any voting happends.

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