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Why Local Search Optimization Matters

Aug 28, 2015 by Paul White

Most small businesses don't care about being found on google on a national level, as long as their customers can find them locally.  Google places has taken that to the next level.  If you are one of the top 3 businsses in your niche you will be listed at the top of the page under the places guide.  Google places allows businesses to have profiles setup with their map, hours, photos, video, and other relavent information.  Unfortunately most local business niches have more than 3 businesses operating in them, which makes these top three spots very competitive.  Here is how you can improve your chances of showing up on these top 3 spots.

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Fox News and their BS explanation of Hillary Clintons Mail Server

Aug 22, 2015 by Paul White

Ask any Tech Guy that actually works in tech, and they will often be annoyed by things like hacker movies, due to the drama of things that do not happen or do not exist, and the technical inaccuracies make us want to just turn off the TV or walk out of the theater.  Fox News has taken it to the next level with a attempt of explaining what a server is, and trying to relate it to Hillary Clinton's Mail Server.  Allow me to point out all that is wrong with this discussion.

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How to find Ammo for Cheap

How to find Ammo for Cheap

Jul 25, 2015 by Paul White

A few years ago finding ammo was very difficult.  However now ammo is back in supply, though prices stilll tend to be a little on the high side.  Considering the majortiy of gun owners tend to be less than computer savy, brick and mortar stores are the first to be sold out.  However if you are not afraid of things like Self Check at the Grociery store, and know how to use google. Finding ammo for cheap is not hard.

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How to make PowerWheels Tires last Longer

How to make PowerWheels Tires last Longer

Jul 19, 2015 by Paul White

PowerWheels have been around for over 30 years.  So you would think that during that time someone would have figured out a way to make the tires last longer.  Unfortunately due to the way PowerWheels drive trains are engineered the wheels designed to be the weak link in the whole system, meaning they will wear down rather than your motors or gear boxes.  This can cause a delimina for parents who figure out the cost for replacement wheels runs about $20 per tire.  Obviously the markup on these is huge, as these things are stamped out of some injection molded machine in china.  After replacing the original tires with some upgraded ones, and noticing that after only 3 months of use, they were already starting to show their age, I was determined to find a solution.  So if you want to make your power wheels tires last longer try this.

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The Cheapest place to buy Fireworks in Houston

The Cheapest place to buy Fireworks in Houston

Jun 27, 2015 by Paul White

In Texas we have a small seasonal window to buy fireworks.  June 24th - July 4th, and a few days around new years.  Fireworks is a fun activity to do with your entire family.  I personally have great memories as a kid doing block parties for the 4th of July.  Being that most families will spend hundreds of dollars on fireworks, finding the Fireworks Store with the lowest prices is important.  Some stands will double their prices, and then use huge discount promos to make your feel like your are saving money.  But if you want non of the BS, and just want Walmart style pricing ( everyday low prices ), then there is only 1 vendor in Houston to shop at. 

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How to protect your website from Bots and Hackers

Jun 14, 2015 by Paul White

With all the recent news coverage on companies and government agencies being hacked, I thought it might be time to write an article about how to protect your website and or server from hackers and bots.  So if your website is getting flooded with unrelated traffic and constantly being attacked here are a few tips.

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Excellent Frozen Yogurt in Pearland

Excellent Frozen Yogurt in Pearland

May 25, 2015 by Paul White

During Memorial Day weekend I took my family out for ice cream.  We tried a new Frozen Yogurt place by the HEB on 518 and Pearland Parkway.  Place is called YoGo.  Good Flavors, decent prices, friendly staff.  Here is my complete review on the place.

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Forget SEO start working on LSO

May 14, 2015 by Paul White

Forever the focus has been on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and even though we shouldn't forget it, we need to start to focus more on LSO (Local Search Optimization).  Here is why.

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Google Mobile Penalty Fixes

Apr 21, 2015 by Paul White

Today Google Rollled out their Mobile Penalty to any website that did not meet their new guidelines.  These guidelines meant your website must resize and mold itself to fit the screen on mobile devices, without having to use the pinch to zoom as a way to navigate around.  Many of us webmasters thought we were ahead of the curve and had our websites ready weeks before this penalty went into effect.  We anticipated April 21st as the day when our websites would jump to the top of google simply because every other website did not update to be mobile friendly.  So Today when all my sites didn't rock the top spot on google I had to do a little more digging into the cause.

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FTP problems with Linksys e4200 router

FTP problems with Linksys e4200 router

Mar 20, 2015 by Paul White

Updates on your hardware with new software is usually a good thing,  Except when those updates break things.  This turned out to be the case for people with the Linksys e4200 router who were updating to the latest 1.0.06 Firmware.  It was impossible setup USB devices as FTP or Media storage due to a new (Feature) where sessions would be passed in the Querystring as part of a security update that Linksys added. 

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