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upgraded to SMART1500LCD Tripp lite from OMNI1000LCD

upgraded to SMART1500LCD Tripp lite from OMNI1000LCD

Mar 27, 2010 by Paul White

After making several upgrades to my workstation over the last 6 months, my old Tripp Lite OMNI1000LCD just wasn't cutting it anymore.  So it was time to upgrade to a UPS that would be able to stay on for more than 5 seconds.  I upgraded to the SMART1500LCD by Tripp lite.  Its an older model, but it handles 1500 VA and 900 Watts peak.  Of course whenever you buy a UPS off ebay especially a used one, you can expect a few surprises.

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Tripp-Lite UPS review

Mar 15, 2008 by Paul White

TrippLite UPS
This is my review of the TrippLite UPS.  Lets just say it has saved me from countless power outages, and brown outs.  I highly recommend this Unit
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UPS Battery Backup for your Sanity

Sep 25, 2007 by Paul White

UPS backup
If you are like me, you spend more hours per day on your computer, than you do sleep at night. Let me explain to you how this little piece of hardware will enable you to keep your sanity when acts of god happend.
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