The problem with Liberal ideals on Womens Health Issues

The problem with Liberal ideals on Womens Health Issues

Posted on Jan 25, 2017 by Paul White

With Trump now in charge.  Liberals are attacking him from every angle.  One issue that Liberals often bring up is womens access to healthcare.   It would seem that when all these liberals were getting their Liberal Arts degrees, a course on economics was never a pre-requisite to graduate.  So let me explain the basics of economics and how it relates to healthcare.

Economics 101: Supply and Demand

The price point for any good or service is determined by the intersection of supply and demand.  The more you increase Supply, the less things cost.  The more you decrease supply the more things cost.  

The Oil markets are good example of Supply and Demand.  For years Opec control the majority of the supply in the world's oil markets.  They could reduce supply if they wanted to get Oil prices up.  Then advances in Fracking allowed the USA to tap into formerly unaccessible energy reserves.  This increased supply on the world's oil markets, caused prices to drop.  The portion of the Oil Market OPEC represented suddenly no longer was the large slice of the pie it used to be. As a result if they reduced supply, it would have only a small impact on global Oil prices, and the end result was they would end up taking in less revenue.

How this relates to healthcare

Even though some of the far right conservatives want to overturn Roe v Wade, most modern conservatives could really care less.  The way we look at it is, its your body do what you want.  Where we draw the line is when there is the expectation that the government needs to foot the bill.  

Healthcare services are expensive not because of rising costs, or any other BS.  They are expensive because the supply of doctors is limited.  If people were forced to pay out of pocket for healthcare services at the time of visit, and clinics were forced to adversise their prices, many people would hold off on seeing a doctor.  But since most people pass the cost onto their insurance, or Medicaid, they are not making the decision based on cost.  To them the cost was their $30 copay.  

In most markets when the demand for a service increases.  More providers setup shop to provide said service.  But in Healthcare, you can't just create new Doctors.  Our Country has a limited number of Medical Schools, and each one only produces a limited number of Doctors.  New Schools are not being built, and current schools are not scaling up to produce more doctors.  On top of that When doctors get out of medical school, they need to establish a residency.  In the past Government grants allowed hospitals to increase hiring of residents, but with government spending cuts, Hospitals have cut back on such hirings.  This means there are only a limited number of jobs available to Doctors straight out of school.  This creates a shortage of expirenced doctors.  Yet demand for healthcare services continues to increase, which results in higher prices.

It used to be that people didn't have health insurance.  They would pay at time of visit.  But eventually prices climbed to the point that most people couldn't afford to pay out of pocket.  Health Insurance was created, to help spread out the cost to a risk pool. That has lasted for a while, but now we are once again at a point where people can't afford to even pay for Health Insurance.  

Then the idea that we need to substidize healthcare for poor people.  So now you have government footing the bill so the poor can get care. But that results in even higher demand for the services, and of course with no way to increase supply, which onces again results in higher prices.  

The fact is Planned Parenthood is watching out for their bottom line.   This isn't about access to care, but about Planned Parenthood getting the government to foot the bill for their customers.  If the government no longer pays for care, and Planned Parenthood's customers are forced to pay out of pocket, they will see a huge drop in demand.  

Now you would think that Planned Parenthood being a non profit corporation that doesn't pay taxes, would be able to get prices down to a point where people could afford their services without the government footing the bill.  But when the CEO of the non profit is taking home a million dollar annual salary, and even the vice president was taking home $600k.  Its makes you start to question things.

When you demand that someone else pays for the services or goods you want, that is called entitlement.  There is no such thing as a free handout. If you get something for free, someone else is paying for it,  even if this relationship is not transparent.


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