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Obama YouTube Interview a joke

Posted on Feb 1, 2010 by Paul White

Today, Obama did a YouTube interview in which people submitted their questions, and everyone voted on which questions should be asked.  The process was a complete joke.  I am now convinced that YouTube ( run by Google ) is more biased that Fox News.

As I was reading through the questions and voting on them, one thing I noticed was there was many people asking about the legalization of Weed.  Yet the guy who asked questions didn't ask about that.  He asked about the same crap that Fox news or CNN would ask about.  Granted the Weed issue doesn't affect me personally, but it is a place where we are loosing billions of tax revenue. 

This country is run by the capitalist ideals.  Every tree hugging hippie wants the world to be run by solar and wind.  Even though its a nice idea.  Nuclear is still the cheapest, and not by a small margin.  If you can create wind and solar energy for less than nuclear then you will see every company use that instead.  But as long as green energy costs most its not going to be a realistic alternative. 

Obama's Answers were vague.  I want transparency, even if it might show me things I don't like.  What matters is keeping it out in the open.  Maybe in 2012, the Republican party might think twice about their nominee.  Romney would have beat Obama. 

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