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Hottest New Years Eve Houston Party 2010 2011

Hottest New Years Eve Houston Party 2010 2011

Posted on Dec 14, 2010 by Paul White

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If you want to celebrate the New Year like a rockstar, then you might want to consider the Desirous Party Houston New Years Eve Party at the Ritz. On this special night the Ritz is kicking out the Strippers, and letting Desirous Party take over the entire club ( VIP and all ). This is a Couples only ( single ladies are welcomed ) event. So you won't have to deal with drunk single males. Don't confuse Couples Only with Swingers. This is NOT A SWINGERS PARTY. You are not going to walk in and find couples doing it on the tables. Just some good music, good company, and excellent people watching.

The Party goes til 2AM where by state law the bartenders have to stop serving alcohol. But then the party continues via after hours til 3:30 AM. ( Sodas, Coffee, and non-alcoholic beverages still available )

The Light show has been reconfigured for dance club style lighting, and 6 DJs are being brought in for this special event.

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