High Gas Prices and the effects on the economy

High Gas Prices and the effects on the economy

Posted on Oct 19, 2007 by Paul White

$3 or $4 / gallon gas sucks, but when gas gets expensive everything gets expensive.  Just the other day I had to ship out some stuff from my ebay auctions.  Shipping was alot more than I had anticipated.  Any goods that have to be transported to a store, are going to cost more.  High Demand for E85, is causing corn to cost more, and therefore livestock that eats corn costs more.  As gas prices go up, people will slow spending on the local economy.  This will cause company profits to go down, and stocks to drop in value.  I feel bad for those who can't telecommute their jobs.

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Tyler | May 18, 2011 11:27 AM
the gas prices right now are sky high and they were supposed to drop over 3 weeks ago.  They are not going down at all they just keep rising.  It's just stupid to keep the gas prices this high, I mean the price of gas is really effecting our economy.  If the dam das companies would just be a little less greedy then the economy would be back to where it was in the golden age.
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